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Our automata are guaranteed for authenticity and mechanical operation and prices are very competitive. Automata are excellent stores of value as well as great entertainers. The House of Automata are experts in the field and know what the automaton should do, who made it and how to restore or conserve it. Most collectors start with the simpler types such as the Decamps Rabbit in a Cabbage or a Leaping Tiger and then expand their collection as they delight in the effect these classics have on their audience. We will happily send more pictures and details on request.

*We want you to be completely happy with your automaton and  guarantee to refund the purchase price for UK customers if the automaton is returned for any reason. (Overseas: same guarantee but excludes shipping costs).

Leaping Tiger

Puss in Boots


Rabbit In Cabbage

Rabbit 1

The Smoking Huntsman

Smoking Huntsman

Clown Nodder

Ballroom Dancers

Mirror Ballroom

Revolving Musical Tree Stand

Leaping Lion

Donkey Automaton

Village Dancers

Baby Rabbit

The Wheel of Fortune


* * * * * * * * * * * The following items are now sold

Drinking Bear – Sold

Drinking Bear

Gnome Moving Picture-SOLD

Daschound Dog -Sold-

Singing Bird -Sold-

Barking Dog -Sold-

‘Giselle’ Dancing Doll – SOLD


Drumming Rabbit -Sold-

Musical Chair -Sold-

Sold – Couple on a Bench

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